Lantern Pharma and C-TRIC

“Propelling Personalised Medicine research in the North West”

Lantern Pharma are working with C-TRIC to investigate their drug LP-184 which has potential to treat locally advanced prostate cancer in a subset of population. Lantern Pharma are a drug re-purposing company based in the US; they focus on leasing chemotherapy drugs that have failed at efficacy but passed human safety tests. Their vision for prostate cancer therapy is to establish the safety and efficacy of LP-184 through bio-marker driven development. LP’s unique algorithm-based platform RADR captured promising data for LP-184 on a subset of patients.

The preliminary work being carried out at C-TRIC involves utilising our close collaboration with the WHSCT to recruit patients for the study. The patients consent to having additional biopsies taken when undergoing their routine medical diagnostic biopsy to contribute to the study. At C-TRIC the sample is processed using in-vitro methods optimised by C-TRIC to investigate the sensitivity of each sample to LP-184 and other chemotherapy drugs and further comparing these findings to known prostate cancer cell lines. The data is generated on C-TRICs Luminescence reader.

So far great success has followed this collaboration with prompt research approval and recruitment records. Our aim is investigating LP-184 ability to effectively reduce tumour growth andto enable LP-184 to be propagated towards phase 1 clinical trials and hopefully bring a new drug to market that can combat prostate cancer.

Lantern Pharma are a US based company collaborating with C-TRIC to investigate their novel anti-cancer therapy for the treatment of locally advanced prostate cancer. This collaboration brings opportunity to the North West, through recruiting patients from the local WHSCT (Western Health and Social Care Trust) to contribute to the study. In Northern Ireland, 1,100 new diagnosis are made annually for prostate cancer making it essential for this kind of pioneering Personalised Medicine research.

Personalised Medicine is the healthcare of the future and values treating the right person with the right treatment at the right time. Our research will contribute to determining who responds to treatment and who doesn’t. By removing this trial and error approach to healthcare, those diagnosed with prostate cancer in the future may be able to receive the medicine that will work for them and it all begins with the right research collaboration.

Here at C-TRIC we will directly investigate the anti-cancer therapy in its preliminary stages determining how effectively it will treat prostate cancer. While, Lantern Pharma will use their innovative software to determine how each individual participant responds to the therapy.

C-TRIC are at the heart of innovative collaborations within modern day Personalised Medicine research and it starts here with Lantern Pharma.