Our Values

Passionate for patient involvement

We at C-TRIC provide clinical research facilitation with a strong focus on patient involvement. We are uniquely aligned to the Western Health and Social Care Trust and academia national and international commercial clients.

Enriching the North West and our community

Our position as an NHS approved not-for-profit organisation means that we ensure money goes back into front-line services and job creation that benefits the patients that so kindly volunteer onto our studies.

Cross-border and beyond, no area too rural

Based in the North West we provide research opportunities to local communities including rural and cross-border.The island of Ireland is an attractive place to carry out research studies and trials, as the population has a rich stable heritage and so an advantage for genetic and genomic studies. Our smaller population and strong sense of community allows for better collaboration across the country for our cross-border studies.

We specialise in novel and innovative ideas

We pride ourselves on supporting and delivering innovative and worthwhile clinical research studies. Successful completion of studies is guided by the expert knowledge of our core staff and service providers.

Patient-centric and holistic approach

The progression of healthcare and modern advances in medicine with a personalised approach is centred within our values. Being able to facilitate research that promotes treating the right person at the right time is of great importance to C-TRIC’s role of bringing research to our community within the North West.

Exceeding standards is our standard

Our advantage in the field of clinical research facilitation and management is our ability to recognize and consider the specific needs of your research study in terms of protocol development, patient recruitment, ethical and governance requirements delivering a timely and cost-effective service for our clients.

At the forefront of regional development

We at C-TRIC are honoured to be a part of the strategic growth plan for the Derry City and Strabane District Council area. Bringing innovation and investment to our region through expansion of C-TRIC.