Facilities and Resources

We have a wide range of facilities available for our clients, customers & tenants
  • Secure reception area with refreshment facilities and seating area
  • Two fully equipped clinical rooms
  • Two dedicated meeting rooms, both with internet enabled conference calls and audio visual set-up
  • A kitchen with seating area for up to 25 individuals
  • Reserved patient parking spaces
  • Private outdoor area
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Office space available on a per office or per desk basis for rental
  • Event organisation services
  • Lecture room available and teaching lab for practical demonstrations
  • Zoned areas for restricted access for sensitive information/samples
  • HTA licensed facility with -80 freezer storage and access to liquid nitrogen storage
  • Fridges and -20 freezers for lab supplies
  • Two fully equipped laboratories with separate pre and post PCR processing
  • A specimen reception and processing room for blood centrifugation and short-term storage
  • Dedicated tissue-culture room with two hoods and two CO2 enabled incubators
  • Autoclave available
  • Full servicing and calibration carried out every 12 months on all equipment

360 Tour

Please enjoy our virtual tour. Click and drag to navigate around the building.