HTA-licenced BioResource

BioResource research is a vital asset for medical professionals and researchers, offering critical insights into disease mechanisms, guiding innovative therapies, and enhancing healthcare outcomes. C-TRIC’s HTA-licenced BioResource plays a crucial role in clinical research by providing access to high-quality samples and associated data, ensuring rigorous adherence to regulatory standards. This resource accelerates studies across various disciplines, fostering collaborations and driving meaningful advancements in medical science.

Image of -80 freezer racks
Image of -80 freezers

Sample Collection

The collection of various biological samples, including human tissues (such as blood, urine, saliva, and tissue biopsies), cells, DNA, RNA, proteins, and other biomolecules.

Quality Management System

The storage and preservation of biological samples under controlled conditions maintains their integrity and viability and ensures proper labelling, tracking, and cataloguing of samples and associated clinical data.

Research Support

Access to a diverse range of biological samples and associated data enables scientists to study diseases, discover biomarkers, identify genetic variations, and develop new diagnostics and treatments.

Collaboration and Data Sharing

Collaborations between researchers, institutions, and industries to promote the sharing of samples and data. Maximises utility and impact of biobank resources, enabling broader research initiatives and advancements.


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